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YBN Bearings for Electric Power Tools

  • YBN Bearings for Electric Power Tools
YBN Bearings for Electric Power Tools

Electric power tools are one of the most competitive industries with new models coming out every day. Manufacturers are trying to develop new technology to meet customers’ demand for comfort and higher efficiency.

More than one third of premature bearing failures in this industry are caused by incorrect lubricant and/or inadequate application of the lubricant. By using recommended YBN lubricants, tools and techniques, downtime and maintenance requirements can be significantly reduced. Lubricants can be specified according to demands on vertical shafts and resistance to solids, pressure, temperatures, loads, chemical aggression, etc.

Moreover, to serve the best interests of electrical power tools industry, we have tailored our resources to meet your needs, so that your objectives become our objectives. To help you develop new products more quickly, we have introduced simultaneous engineering to give you immediate and open access to our process, product development and applications expertise.

General requirement for electric power tools

1. Maintenance free solutions

Electric power tools’ long-term performance and maintenance free are important and critical since the repair is costly and not convenient. Consequently, long bearing life is a key requirement. Low operating temperature, high quality raw material, adequate lubrication and avoiding contamination are important factors in extending bearing service life. As the world’s leading manufacturer of bearing solutions, YBN has a wide range of solutions and services to extend bearing service life and improve application profitability.

2. Long service life

Electric power tools long term performance is critical for manufacturers’ image for consumers. Special materials, special heat treatment, a range of special seals and the YBN life theory, which points the way to infinite life of a bearing, are the major tools to optimize your applications. YBN bearings for power tools are also available for special requirements: bearings with high-temp grease and special designed clearance and raceway radius for higher speed.

3. Prevention from dust

For electric power tools, no matter that applied indoors or outdoors, they are facing difficult environment situation. The environment for electric power tools is highly contaminated with dust etc. Hence, it is necessary to ensure good contamination protection. YBN proper lubrication greases that prevent water and dust are usually applied. YBN offers a range of sealed bearings with labyrinth design to further prevent dust ingression.

4. Environment

Environmental care is one of today’s main issues. The more legal requirements become diverse and complex, the more swiftly and accurately we must respond. Consequently, the electric power tool industry is demanding more and more environmental friendly solutions. For this application, YBN offers low friction bearings with optimized seal structure and low friction grease to further meet reduced power consumption requirements.


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