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Raw Material Management

YBN Steel Development

As a world-renowned bearing manufacturer, YBN takes special care with its raw material used in its bearings. The raw material applied in the bearing rings and rolling elements is from the world renowned steel companies that sell the same quality material to top-class bearing manufacturers in Japan and Europe. Moreover, the synergy between various applications of our customers give us an unique understanding of our customers’ needs, which allows us to invest heavily and consistently in research and development in order to continues resulting in cleaner, stronger steels.

Especially in the heat treatment process, YBN’s latest computerized heat treatment system and technology distinguish YBN brand bearings from others. It helps the bearing material to reach the characteristics of high level of hardness, high rolling contact fatigue resistance, excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability as well as excellent mechanical strength which is essential to delay the advent of bearing fatigue life.stronger steels.

Quenching duration, characteristics & tempering temperature


Using the combination of materials science, application engineering and processing capabilities, we are dedicated to improve customer performance. Our wide range of in-house testing capabilities includes:

● Characterization of mechanical behavior.

● Characterization of how material processing history (temperature and forming, for instance) affects mechanical properties and component performance using the Gleeble Thermomechanical simulator.

● Characterization of material phases using X-ray techniques.

● Process simulation modeling capabilities and Finite Element Modeling.

● Unique characterization of material impurities using the proprietary Timken Ultrasonic Scanner.

● Definition of entire process stream requirements, including the customer.

● Definition of the effects of the process path history on mechanical, microstructural and fatigue characteristics.

Material Development

All around the world, customers turn to YBN for innovation that moves them ahead of the competition.

YBN is a leader in steel process research, resulting in better products for our customers. Our research support begins with 

experienced staff from sales engineers who work directly with customers to understand their application needs.

Within last few years’ process developments have been enable more stringent cleanliness specifications to be realized, which has had a significant impact on the consistency and quality of YBN's bearing steel. The reduction of oxygen and harmful non-metallic inclusions has led to significantly improved properties of rolling bearing steels - the steels from which the YBN bearings are made.

Material Inspection Certificate

Following is a example of the inspection certificate for YBN bearing material. It meets all the requirement of Germany, Japan and USA standard.

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