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YBN Bearing Grinding and Superfinishing

With Sophisticated equipment and sound production lines, YBN becomes more and more popular in big and global OEM customers all over the world.

Due to the great importance of bearing bore tolerance, which will directly affect the mounting of bearing in customers’ end, YBN adopts 100% automatic bore tolerance checking with latest technology. Totally more than 160 fully automatic Italian Marposs inspection machines applied after precision grinding and superfinishing process.

In the grinding process, YBN has adopted connecting lines that integrated with inner bore grinding, inner ring raceway grinding and super finishing in inner ring grinding process, and outer ring race way grinding and super finishing in outer ring grinding process, all these grinding and super finishing process are successively operated by our automatic CNC machines. The adoption of connecting lines has greatly ensured that all YBN bearing rings are of high processing accuracy and stability and further ensure YBN products meet the quality of high speed, minimum friction, vibration and noise.

Centralized Filtering System

YBN Group is the first Chinese bearing manufacture which uses centralized filtering system in its grinding process. The advantages of this system are as follows:

● All the grinding oil and super finishing liquid are in one huge pool. It is convenient for conducting inspection including liquid concentration, PH value and others, further ensure that all the machines with good liquid.

● Efficiently remove all floating oil and grinded metal particles as well as other bacteria that breeding between the floating oil and particles, add additive or original liquid accordingly and well ensure good condition of liquid.

● Efficiently lower the temperature of grinding oil and super finishing liquid, and bring excellent cooling effect in grinding and super finishing process

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