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Research & Development

YBN steel balls

YBN steel balls use bottom pouring steel as the raw material, while most of the other bearing brands use strand cast steel for electric power tools. Experiments results show that with the same load and speed, the life of bottom pouring steel ball is at least 1.5 times longer than the strand cast steel ball. 

After setting, decontamination and cold molding, bottom pouring steel can lower impurity content, better performance, but price will be higher.

In year 2011, YBN established its own steel ball factory. YBN invested 130 million RMB for the high modern technology for the steel ball manufacturing.

We have a team of experienced & professional staffs and technicians devoted to the designing, processing, testing and managing of ball manufacturing. The joining of experienced Japanese steel ball engineers further plays a positive role in YBN steel ball manufacturing process development and the products quality improvement.

YBN bearings choose above G10 level of precision steel balls. Each ball through photoelectric detection before using to make sure there is no defects, so as to further reduce friction, thus reduces the temperature rise.

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