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Jin Shi (Hong Kong) International Limited is a comprehensive trading company engaged in international trade, transit trade, the import & export business of commodity and technology. Our company was established in November 2010 and it has office at No. 28, Jiafeng Road, Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The current business scope includes tires, bearings and other auto parts exports, textile fabric exports, as well as food and wine imports, etc. Jin Shi (Hong Kong) International Limited has its own well-known bearing brand YBN Bearings, establishing a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with the China’s largest bearing manufacturer to provide global customers with high-quality, whole series of bearings products. Our company has successively established friendly and steady trade relations and long-term business cooperation with more than ten countries and regions in Southeast Asia and has gained a widespread international reputation. At present, the company actively responds to the call of Chinese government’s "One Belt and One Road” plan and dedicates itself to developing the trade cooperation with countries engaged in the “One B...



Contact: Doris Zhang

Phone: 0086 15021127104

Tel: 0086-021-62168006

Email: info@ybnbearing.com

Add: Room2515, Building 2, No. 28, Jiafeng Road, Shanghai Free Trade Zone

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